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Hello everyone!


I finished my first draft of my portfolio over break and was hoping to get some input on it. I will be applying for summer internships so I am trying to get the portfolio into professional condition before sending it out. I hope to have everything in order before the month ends. Feel free to ask me any questions as well.


The content covers:


Construction belt

In-flight meal tray

Paint roller handle

Veterinary Mobile Ultrasound station

Furniture Design

Medical product

Collapsible Kettle

Kiosk design

Sketchbook (consisting of a truck load of sketches)




Thank you for your time!



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Guest Taro

I think you may want to loosen up on the layout a bit, now it looks like you are trying to fit alot of information in that one page, and it feels like a wall of text. I don't know where to start, and why to start.

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