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Nice sketches and renderings, and great volume of work. I do not know your age and assume you are in or about your final year. I think you would be great at .. say designing sci fi sets but you have a bit of a emotional detachcment in your visual language (Semiotics) Your stuff is a bit cold. and some funcional issues.


The coffee machine, should be: Warm, metal, chrome, red, gold, romantic, solid, machiny, steamy. And on a funcional level easy to clean with no crevases, holes. That shape and feel would be better applied to a cold water dispenser Etc.But in fact not any type of "food due to the thing being hard to keep clean and unhygenic.


The Vacume cleaner... well it will fall over when you pull the hose. The whole thing looks like a wheel (Nice) You could have gone further and made the domed round sides pull out to widen its wheelbase (wheels,dynamic rims or skids) and push in for storage.


The baby stroller... most look like a bucket, who wants to put a kid in something that has the language of a bucket? Language: safe,warm,soft, not engineery or futuristic. Try to think like the consumer (proud, protective,loving, warm,cuddly, precious) Watch the visual centre of gravity (Safety)

That does not mean that some comsumers may not want a sporty or retro edge. Futuristic I think not, most parents are worried about the future and do not want 'Techpram 2.0'


I am suggesting you look at an emotional perspective as part of your thinking.


Hope you take this as constructive, would have not bothered to take the time if your stuff was rubbish


Good luck Buddy!

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