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Guest Phil Cater

Solidworks 3d Part To A Flat 2d File?

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Guest Phil Cater



I have a 3d part in solidworks which i need to translate into a flat 2d file for manufacteur. The part is flat piece of aluminium which is bent round so to get the correct look it was best to model in 3D but i need to know what the net. Does any one know if this is possible?



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Guest under-dog

As with anything it is best to see the file. It is a bit unclear by your description.



Sheetmetal tools will only go so far. Solidworks does not have a function to unroll a developable surface fron a cylinder. I have seen this in other systems including Rhino. I typically bring a design into rhino to flatten out surfaces for a 2d devlopable profile.



Bent round?



net.????? what do you mean?.......by the "what the net." Cant say I have heard of the function/term, never what mind what it does.

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Guest microfun


try it !


SolidWorks --> *.obj file --> import to Pepakura Designer


Some information :

Pepakura Designer allows you to create your own paper models easily from 3D data used in 3D CG software. Rather than relying on preset templates, the application encourages you to experiment with your own designs.


Please note that Pepakura Designer doesn't have any 3D modeling functions. You need to create your own 3D models with another 3DCG software such as 3D Studio, LightWave, Softimage etc.


Supported 3D file formats

* Wavefront (obj)

* AutoCAD 3D (dxf)

* Metasequoia (mqo)

* 3DS Max (3ds)

* Lightwave (lwo)

* Binary STL (stl)

* Google Earth4 (kml, kmz)

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