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Guest lupi

Brief Writing, What Makes It Great?

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Guest lupi

Hi all ;)


I am studying a postgrad degree in Innovation and Creation in Industry at Cranfield University. Currently I am working on a assignment based on exploring design engagement and practice.


Central to the assignment is the formation of a brief, which is 'regarded by design companies and clients as the key to successful engagement' as stated by my module leader.


My question is as follows: In your opinion what makes a good brief great?


Also any reading reccoommended on this would be most appreciated (I have already searched through the design council site which is very useful but i need a wider range of resources)


Many thanks for your time




(just finished my second night straight working on this so appologies if the above does not read particularly well :shocking: )

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Guest Aditi Bidkar


one thing my teachers always taught us is never to use the common product name in the brief but to use the function its supposed to do..

for eg: if u have to design scissors, u never say design scissors, u say design a cutting device.

by calling the product by its commonly used name, we limit our thinking to what the product should be...


hope this is of sum help.



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Design Sojourn has written a very useful article on how to write a better design brief:



I also agree with Aditi, that you should never prescribe a solution in a brief (scissor is actually a solution for cutting)


Most design companies would rewrite the brief from the client, as some clients have no experience with design studios or they are just not capable how to write a good one.

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