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Guest aferro



firstly.. great forum, really! i sincerely think that is important to share knowledge and experiences, so.. i'm sincrely happy to signed in!


I've got a question, i asked it about some time ago, and now i've got a new problem.. with another company.. tired about that!


A customer of ours asked us to make the assembling instructions for its products, all lighting items like the ones you can see an example about in the link.





Unfortunely in their production they don't use 3d drawings (artistic company, they go on in draw by hand) and they use CAD only for mechanical parts.


I sincerely don't know how to proceed, really!


- i tried modeling the fixture in 3d, i passed too much time and what i need is not the 3d, but only a schematic view

- with illustrator i haven't been able to dusplicate as i want the little glass cups, that cover the metal structure, as i wanted.. seems that you cannot duplicate an item along a path or bezier, am i wrong?

- with photoshop.. too much time, but i love drawing so i passed a beautiful hour


The important thing for me is the duplicate along path problem, if i solve this i can think to proceed making a little library and remounting the fixture as i want.


So my question are:


- what do you suggest?

- do you know if there's any software that can help me, better that Illustrator/Photoshop/Solidworks? never used Corel

- how to proceed with that duplicate along path?

- and... how do you make the technical drawings? i mean.. what you use, from what you start, which process do you follow, what materials, etc...? and how your technical department proceed to realize those kind of illustrations?


Thanks in advance for your help!



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