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Guest Black Pearl

Motorcycle Rendering

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Guest Black Pearl

Hi guys,



I'm not from Automobile Design background, I'm a software guy, but passionate about riding bikes and designing, sketching as well. I'm posting my first topic here.


I've designed this bike couple of days back, need your comments :)

(Please find attachment)










Kishor S


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Sorry, mate. But this is crap.

Because this has absolutley nothing to do with design/designing!

You cannot DESIGN a motorcycle within a few days!

You can DRAW or RENDER it, etc.

BUT designing is far more than just make a cool pic. (I doesn't even look that cool)

Technically, this bike would not work.

- Center of mass to high

- headlamp pointig out to nowhere

- Proportions

- etc...


Sorry, I have the feeling, outhere are a lot of people who THINK they are a designer just because of they can do cool renderings...Naahhh. To be a product/industrial designer is far more! And that's all abut in this forum...PRODUCTdesignforums.com


Sorry mate, that it hit you...don't take it to personal.

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I'm confused...

I replied on a post made by some stranger, who digged out zombie threads...just to write things like..


hey cool




My post mainly was adressed to this guy.



My point was, that you cannot DESIGN a motorcycle within a few days. Designing is much more than make cool pics.


manueljaggi, what are you talking about.. No where did he state it was a rendering, its an illustration and it ain't half bad anyway..

Like what I said (meant) you can RENDER, DRAW, Illustrate somenthing within a few days, BUT not design something like a motorbike within a few days.

And that's what he said..I designed this bike a few days ago...


That's my point.

Designing takes care of function, form/esthetics, manufacturing, ecological and economical circumstances, etc...etc....


well at least in my understanding/language. (I'm swiss...)


Help me, if its different in english...

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@ manueljaggi Your right that product design involves a whole range of responsibilities when bringing an idea to market but there is absolutely nothing wrong with developing a concept and asking for some constructive criticism.


To call someone's work crap is simply childish. For someone without even a design background who only does this for fun, his ability to think of a form and render into a design that can easily be communicated is pretty impressive.


Concept design and form development are integral aspects of product design and just because he hasn't worked out all the details doesn't mean he hasn't got the basis for a design. It all has to start somewhere.


In addition this is called the SKETCHING and RENDERING section, so they are not meant to be fully thought out and detailed designs.


Your negative attitude serves no purpose so unless your willing to offer constructive criticism don't bother commenting.


@ Black_Pearl Keep up the good work. Perhaps you could explain where you got the inspiration for the shape, or perhaps even show some initial sketches which show some development.

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hi all.


I would really like to apologize, for beeing so rude!


The next time I will check the dictionnary before I write. I just learnt what "crap" really means...


But, once again, I apologize for been rude.


sorry, Black_Pearl.


Have a nice day all

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