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Designeros.com is an exclusive global marketplace and gallery that enables designers and artists to present and sell their work online. Designers and artist of various backgrounds have a unique chance to build their brand name, establish global presence and gain valuable customer feedback.

From the comfort of their homes, design lovers can access and subsequently purchase quality designer goods of their liking. They can learn more about the ideologies of the creators and can understand the true meaning of their artworks. They are provided with a direct access to the latest design trends and have the chance to influence the designers by providing them with valuable feedback and opinions.



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Hi Designers!


We have recently rebranded our site; www.luma-id.com


We will try to update our Industrial Design blog at least once a month so check for updates;




Some other links

Twitter - www.twitter.com/LUMA_iD

Facebook - www.facebook.com/luma3dprint

Instagram - www.instagram.com/luma_id



Mark Little


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I am a product designer from the Netherlands and started a blog section where I will share new developments along design and technology, applied to product design.

There is now a first article about 3D printing. Upcoming are posts about materials, composites, drones and footwear design.



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Hi, we are a product development company in Boise, Idaho and our blog talks about many topics within product development that include industrial design, product initial concept, rapid prototyping, prototype iteration and manufacturability. Also, check some of the projects we have worked on and let us know if you have any questions. 


check out our product design and development blog

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