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Guest mdmiller

Aspiring Designer Seeking Feedback On Portfolio!

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Guest mdmiller

Hey everyone!


I'm new to the site and look forward to meeting and learning from fellow designers.


I would love any feedback you can provide on my design work. You can check out my work online at coroflot.com/michael_miller or I'm more than happy to email you a pdf copy of my portfolio.


Thanks so much!



Michael Miller


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Guest Nordmann

Hi Michael.


firstly welcome to the forum.


Secondly, I took a look at your scetching work on coroflot. Nice work, your a natural artist / illustrator. You visualize your ideas REALLY well. However I see some of your "middle of process" drawings which I think would actually have made a much better finished product, than the one you actually chose, especially in the portable gas burner sequence.


Sometimes too much might not be as good, so keep it simple.


Best of luck



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