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I'd say a multitude of reasons.


1. They focused on SUVs and Trucks. Ignored cars, did not spend much developing any of them.


2. They thought that small cars= crap, which MINI proved wrong. People like small cars with nice interiors.


3. They refuse to build something CHEAP and FUN, for the younger enthusiast. Instead they sold grandma cars, boring crap small cars, or super expensive super thirsty V8 RWD performance cars. Where was detroits answer to the WRX? The Evo? The Prelude? The RX7? They had NOTHING.


4. And when they did have something special, like the SRT4, instead of refining it to something world class, instead they kill it and replace it with a heavy 3600lb mini SUV (caliber).


My first car was a 68 Charger. I then had a 97 Neon. And a Mercury Marquis somewhere. I used to hate imports, but man.... after selling my domestics, I'm never owning one again. The resale value on domestic vehicles is GOD AWFUL. There's no point in repairing them, no point in maintaining them, and in my eyes, no point in buying them. You just lose so much money owning one, compared to anything imported. Even a KIA probably has better resale value. Detroit has proven time and time again that they will make the stupidest possible decisions; everyone knew gas was getting more expensive, and still they kept pushing SUVs and Trucks as a "family vehicle", even though 95% of all SUVs never leave the pavement, EVER.


Really, I want detroit to burn. They have a great heritage, but their recent history has proven they are uncompetitve, incompetent, willing to make retarded decision after retarded decision, gleefully take taxpayer handouts, and refuse to change to stay alive. Screw them. Let FISKER and TESLA take up the helm, companies that aren't run by complete morons.

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Guest Buff
At the end of the day this has nothing to do with engineering, it has nothing to do with design, it has to do with the economy, which is something that no one can fix, no matter how hard they try. You can't fix it because it's not BROKEN, it's just adjusting itself. It will take several years if not a decade for that to happen.



Cant quite figgure it that way my self


as I said earlier


GM looked to be facing class 11 more than a few years ago, so its hardly down to the ecconomic crisis and that alone.


GM's problems reached endemic proportions more than a decade....or two ago... not in the last ten months of slump due to the collapse of subprime lending and mixed risk investment


You may be right... it may have nothing to do with design or engineering, perhaps average Joe America like complaining about home-grown product just for the sake of it.... perhaps he’s buying up Hyundai and Toyota just for a laugh... to tease Detroit a little.


may be it inst as you say design/engineering.... it could well be management... it could well be unionisation.... but it certainly isn’t the economy that killing it.


The economic down turn if it is allowed to kill of the us auto industry is only like pulling the plug on a terminally ill patient... i could be argued its kinder to let it die

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