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'designer Mentoring Program' By Design Sojourn

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I have just blogged about the 'Designer Mentoring Program' initiated by Brian Ling from Design Sojourn and I would like to mention it here as some of you might have missed it or prefer to comment here instead.


If you haven't heard of Design Sojourn, then you should really check it out as you will discover a great resource of educational articles written by Brian Ling from Singapore. He is an ultra busy man, working at Philips as a design manager, and he is still able to make time to share his experiences and insights with many industrial designers. Isn't it wonderful?


Design Sojourn is the only blog of its kind, as far as I know, that is teaching you how to do good design and create clever products. The articles of Brian really engages you to think about industrial design on different levels and from different perspectives, especially on a strategic point of view. Your view on industrial design will definitely be broadened by him, whether you are a young or experienced designer.


And now Brian gives 5 industrial designers an opportunity to develop and improve themselves in a more personal manner through his 'Designer Mentoring Program', which is an absolutely fantastic initiative.


Read the blog post about why he is starting the mentoring program, and what you may gain from it and most importantly how you can be selected as one of the 5 Design Sojourn Padawan Learner (are all industrial designers Star Wars fans? yes I have to admit that I am one of them).


As I am just starting to rebuild my portfolio and looking for job opportunities and seriously thinking about my next steps in career, I believe this is an excellent opportunity to apply for the 'Designer Mentoring Program' .

Some of you may know that I have moved from the Netherlands, where I was born and graduated, to Shanghai where I worked for 1,5 years at a design studio and I quit that job 3 months ago to start developing Product Design Hub, which I hope you are enjoying it. In addition to running this site I am doing some small freelance jobs to keep myself busy as an industrial designer, which is not easy in this time of recession.

At this time I believe I need a mentor to guide me further in this path of offline and online work, and I honestly believe that Brian can help and advice me how to continue and improve in my career.


If I become one of the fortunate Padawans, then I will definitely share my journey during the training by Master Brian.


I wish you all the best with the application and looking forward to hear about your thoughts about this program.


And by the way, Brian deserves some attention. Spread the word about his awesome site and his 'Designer Mentoring Program' . You can use the social buttons below to share this story, or you can visit his site and share it with your design friends.


From: http://productdesignhub.com/articles/36-ti...-design-sojourn

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So far I have seen the following ID'ers, bloggers and twitters applying for the mentoring program:







Follow them, including me (#designhub) on Twitter to see how we try to get selected by #designsojourn


You should consider to apply for the program ^_^

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Guest bagaudae

to bad for me, i`m definitely not ready to apply. At least no in a serious way. hope the initiative is a real and astonishing success, and maybe it will be repeated or extended to more people. Next time i will certainly be prepared.

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The selection of the participants is announced!




And I am one of the lucky Padawans :D

As promised, I will blog about my journey during the program and share as much as I can. So stay tuned and check www.productdesignhub.com and of course do check www.designsojourn.com as I am sure that the Master himself will blog about it too.


Congrats to the other Padawans:

- Ingo Rauth

- David Emmett

- Mikkel Holm

- Eugene Cheong

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