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Guest azadeh

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Guest rtdesign

Hi Azadeh,


Cool website. Like the Clay Model.


Couple of notes regrading the site. These are general observations and I've noticed many designers do this.


I think a designer portfolio should be separated from their blog. I don't think they should be in one site. You have done a good job with the site, with the tools you had, but I think there is room for improvement. I'm not a web designer, but I've designed few websites, and the more I visit websites, the more I get the sens of how a good web site should look like.


Once we separate the portfolio and the blog, I would recommend that we remove the advertisings from the portfolio section and place it in the blog. Although I've noticed it doesn't bring any money, but again I've only implemented it on my blog couple of months, so maybe I should be more patient.


Third, the portfolio should contain bigger images, with explanation. Since you are still studying, these explanation and bigger images, should be able to land you a job later on. For instance you want to show how you got to the Perfume Bottle design, so I would include sketches and more detail about the project.


Although not many students and designer know about this site, but go ahead and create an account at www.visualcv.com. It's free and you can mix your work and your resumé in one page, create a PDF and send it to anybody.


And this last one, is somewhat my own opinion, you don't have to listen to me..:) I would recommend to register a domain name. It may seam a lot to invest couple of hundred dollars a year, but I know it has helped me to look more professional with my clients and potential employer. I have few emails (Gmail,Hotmail etc.) and I use each of them differently. But the email that I use to send to my clients and to the potential employer, when I was looking for a job, is my own email at my own domain. This way, I promote my site, and I can add signatures to my emails which will link to my VisualCV, my portfolio and/or my blog. And I have different signature, for different clients or employer.


I think I covered everything. :)


Hope this will help.


Good luck.



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