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Guest LERsince1991

Hd... So What? *ld Sound*

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Guest LERsince1991

Ok so I couldn't sleep and I had one of those creativity spikes and came up with 3 ideas/concepts. I will share only one of them today though :)


Ok so for people that don't want to think 'out-the-box' as it is turn away now, everyone else put on your thinking caps; Please enjoy and feedback!


Well in short the idea is to enhance the way us humans hear sound.

Enhance meaning having a Limitless definition of sound!


The 'bog standard human' can hear only what the ear organ allows the brain to hear. What if I was able to replace that organ or ear drum and hypothetically speaking 're-wire' the nerves behind it.


Ok to recap that bit: A device could be fitted into someones ear replacing the ear as an organ, yes you read that right.


Instead it would allow a direct connection between the human brain's sound processing system -> through the connection of a small device -> through a processing/decoder/coder unit -> through an input device such as an MP3 player.


What that you say? So I'll be def then?... WRONG!

This device would also have the top of the range micro-mic built in replicating the ear drum.


This would also have other benefits such as it would allow complete silence even on the busiest of days in the middle of London. Turn your mic off or on low and turn on your MP3 player.


I do realize that there are some small issues to resolve though:


- The signals that a human brain processes sound as are not very well know, this would need to be researched.

- It is dangerous, but would be a hell of a feature once it's done right.

- The hardware would need to be very small yet powerful


I don't have any sketches at the moment on my macbook, its 3am and I couldn't sleep so this is what I'm doing instead. I have done a few sketches in my sketchbook but I may get round to doing some visualizations soon.


What do people think then?


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Guest fatboi567

Good idea, but, how long would a battery that small last,

Also I dont think that many people would want to wear something like that all the time so would it be removable?


I am still looking forward to seeing the concepts

good idea:)

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You would want to have invasive and potentially dangerous surgery so you didn't have to hear anything?


Thats why they invented ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones.


They already have Cochlear implants - which do basically what you describe. There are a series of electrodes implanted into the ear surgically, and a wireless microphone which is worn behind the ear or on the head.


The reality is that even with years and years of medical advances - you will not be able to design an electrode that can hear as well as the 10,000+ nerves in your ear. You can try giving me a rant about inventing nano-machines, but thats the role of the scientist - not the industrial designer.


Humans have unlimited bandwidth for a LIMITED range of sound. Your MP3 player has sound which is so much MORE compressed than what the human ear can comprehend it's unbelievable. This is the precise reason why many audiophiles spend thousands of dollars on Vinyl record sound systems with vacuum tube amplifiers. The range of sound is actually the higher on an old fashioned record than it is on a brand new Ipod.


I don't see a single advantage why what you proposed would be better than an ear plug or good set of headphones.


It's fine to think "out of the box" but to think out of reality is another story. Even if you could build a device that gave us dog-like hearing senses, I can't see why you would want to.

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