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Guess what Apple has coming up and win some stuff

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There are a lot of crazy rumors going around out there that Apple is getting ready to introduce a new iMac G5 at the upcoming Apple Expo 2004 being held in Paris in a couple of weeks. So we’re reprising our What Would (Steve) Jobs Do? contest. You know, the one we held back in June where asked you all to try and predict what Apple would introduce at their Worldwide Developers Conference.


Anyway, this time around we’re not just asking you to send in your best guess for what new craziness you think Mr. Jobs might unveil, we’re also asking for your best prediction as to what the new iMac will look like.


Here’s the scoop:


Send in some drawings or mockups of what you think the new iMac G5 is going to look like.


And/or send us in your best guesses and predictions for what other big Apple announcement might be making. New Powerbooks? A remote control for the AirPort Express? New secret features for the iPod? You don’t have to include illustrations (it won’t hurt), but we do give big points for imagination, originality, and likelihood.

Even better, courtesy of the good people at Griffin we’re giving away two prizes this time. The winner of the best iMac design gets a brand new RoadTrip to use with for their iPod. And whoever sends in the best concept for a new, unannounced Apple product wins a new, unannounced Griffin product that Griffin won’t even let us tell you about yet (but don’t worry, you’ll be happy).


So bust out those pads of paper, and you may just be the next Phillip Burgess! Send your ideas, concepts, sketches, etc. to us at applecontest@engadget.com. Our final deadline is midnight EST August 25th (one week from today), and winners will be announced on the 30th, the day before the keynote. Oh, and if you work for Apple, don’t even think about breaking that NDA, you dirty cheat.




Original info at: WWJD 2 - Guess what Apple has coming up and win some stuff

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