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Welcome Miad Students!

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So apparently we really needed a forum to share links, tips, tricks, and whatnot. This is it.


I'll start off with some tasty nuggets:



The biggest, baddest ID blog


www.productdesignforums.com (you're on it right now)

Extremely helpful for 3d questions, and tons of feedback on sketches. Great tutorials too! Awesome.



Tons of tips on solidworks



Tons of ID portfolios from around the world. Check em out.



An AMAZING site that just holds badass renderings/sketches from other designers



more sketches


Unrelated ID sites that are still awesome:



Free usernames/passwords to save you time when you're trying to access a site's info.... like new york times, etc



Call any 800 number of any major company and get a real person. Useful when you're trying to get out of automatic phone system hell and access a real person. I used this trick to get in touch with the VP of design at Chrysler!

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Guest jdmdesign

hey you guys i got a few to add to the list



-has tons of information and sketching tips, plus dont miss the links on the right side of the page definately some awesome stuff there



-great place for inspiration and development ideas, fun to just browse and see some interesting stuff


- mostly consisting of graphic design but also has some tech stuff to.. falls into the whats hott today whats hott in 2015 section




-mainly car design, but this site has some excelent rendering tutorials


-Jason Henry

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