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Guest Mehek Sharma

'amend' - Electricity & Water Meter - Greener Gadgets

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Guest Mehek Sharma

This is a description of the project...


The rich waste water and electricity with the same ease as the poor

take pains to use the same resources. The sense of responsibility is

very low and the ones who save, need to be rewarded. 'Amend' works at

the very principle of giving benefit to conscious people versus making

the irresponsible pay more.


'Amend' is an electricity and water meter which is issued by the

government to the users. Alongwith this, the government issues the

recommended usage for water and electricity in units per person and a

Green Card. If the family saves from these recommended units, they get

Green Points accordingly. At the end of the month, the user can swipe

the Green Card which gets the points in it. These points can then be

used in any government aided service like Cottage Industry products, Metro

services etc. to get a discount.


On the other hand if the family wastes and exceeds their recommended

usage, they get negative Green Points. These points then add up to a

fine they have to pay on their water and electricity bill.


This way the government aided products and services which give employment to the poor and

use cleaner ways of manufacturing are encouraged. Also this helps a country in becoming a bit more self sufficient.


A plant is provided with Amend which emphasises on the responsibility

we have towards our environment. Hence 'Amend' helps us to make

amends in what we have ruined.






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I think the hardest part in realizing a product such as this is that it would almost be impossible to come to a decision as to what would be an appropriate amount of enery consumtion per person . . . just as an example, what if someone had bought a hybrid electric car that they plug in overnight, should they be penalized over someone else who doesn't have a hybrid for consuming more electricity because they have decided to reduce their dependance on oil?


Another problem lies in the fact that the most energy efficeint appliances are generally the most expensive, so in fact a person who is just able to get by on what he/she has and can't afford to upgrade their appliances could end up being the ones that have to pay the fine


Its a relatively small investment to put in energy efficient lightbulbs in your home and if people are consious about turning off lights then they can save a bit of electricity but most of the energy consumtion in a home comes from the large appliances which aren't a cheap thing to upgrade

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Guest Mehek Sharma

Helo... Thanks for the comments


@ vander : that is a good point you brought up... im going to think about how to include that in the system... though the main aim i had is to create a balance in consumerism and encourage the cleaner but poorer products... thanks.


@iMagxz : i dint get what you meant... though that thread you sent is really interesting... i dint make it to the second round though! so i just wanted to knw what people thought about it. thanks for reading!

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