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Some Bottle Design Tricks

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I did once a private challange of such bottle. However the top part of it was a little different than the one introduced by Ragde.




I spent a bit of time tweaking the geometry to obtain desired results. Taken approach contained more than 3 or 4 steps, which generaly seems to be much more then introduced by Ragde. This I assume is or could be because of lacking by Pro/E fill tool, and because taken approach could deliver a lot expliciter result, but this You must estimate by Yourself


First main surface was created.




Next steps were to prepare auxiliary surfaces trimmed then to final desired geometry






and final trim and merge



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Nice Moadib!:

Yes, there are many shapes of angled neck bottles, so the idea is to have a main plan to create the needed surfaces. Soon I will post the other method, more like yours.




Nice 2009 to all of you!!

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there one insight considering the bottom part of bottle introduced earlier




this can be done in Pro/E within one operation - VSS[Variable Section Sweep] with the advantage of relations and trajpar





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Guest soljarag

great topic rage! every time I go shopping at the grocery store I always look at the bottles (especially detergent bottles) and try to think how I would approach them (yes, i know I'm weird)

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