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Guest laz

Human Cad Models To Download?

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Guest laz

Hi, Im using Pro E and exporting as step files to render, I really need a decent human model to put into my render to show scale. Does anyone know where to download these online?


I have found some free step file downloads of human models here-



they are a bit blocky and I really need a good CAD human model walking. If anyone has a CAD file of a person it would be great if you could email it to me? Or if you know any good sites where they have .step files to download for free that would be great, im using bunkspeed to render so need compatible files.


my email is lazcook@hotmail.com


thanks for your help!



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Guest laz

I found a site that lets you download a 3ds file of a16 business people, walking sitting standing etc with a password.



the site is here: http://www.3dsmax-stuff.com/2008/07/got3d-...els-casual.html

google doesnt think the site is safe however I downloaded it and am rendering it as I type!


This site is good for free models aswell: http://archive3d.net/


anyone else have any good resources?

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