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Guest bezbez

Need Help:recreational And Sports Activities On Water In Seaside Resorts

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Guest bezbez


I am an industrial design student , in my final year project, so I am preparing a research paper (a thesis)

The theme or context of my project is the role of design in creating new sensation, pleasure and providing safety and security in on water activity (recreational and sport activity in the sea side resorts like kayak sailing surfing boating… the domain is very large and I feel lost , I have to precise exactly wich problem I ‘ll treat.

I have searched about water activities in the sea, and I visited some seaside resorts and clubs of water sports activities.

I found some ideas, but I don’t know if it’s feasible and effective, also I can’t precise wich problem or need my idea will solve. So it’s a problem in my methodological tools of research.

I am wondering is it good choice to work on a design subject related to on water activities in sea side resorts? I mean, can product design intervenes in this domain to create a better future safe secure and pleasant? And how can I organize the methodology of research to finally introduce and present a new idea, I have to prove the resoning approach that makes my idea born.

I have to focus in a problem that can be solved by design and creation , but I found difficulties in organinsing my planning of research to lead to the coherence of the three parts of my project:

Part1: introduce the subject analyse and describe the different chapters related to subject phase of inquiry to note the problems to treat.

Part2: analytical and reflexive part includes developpement of the problematic, arguments and introduces solutions .

Part3: present the solution, the new design idea ,so the product: shape , material, ergonomics ,fonctionnality, aesthetic appearance…

Please I need help , suggestions ,ideas directions to guide me in this project make a coherent thesis in industrial design .

Is there books to consult and be inspired in this domain especially in water and recreational activities : sketching books , technical design tools , rendering, drawing books, also material and prototyping books ….

Thank you very much for helping

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Guest freximus

ugh. I hate that industrial design students are encouraged to devote so much time to inventing new product opportunities instead of learning how to practice their trade. My program was much the same and I found that my 'skills' coming out of school had actually atrophied from disuse.



Bezbez, first off, I'm not sure if English is your first language, but your post is difficult to understand. Try to condense your post down to one specific question that can be easily addressed by the community.


You said you had some ideas, well this is the place to bring them up.


Anyway, to answer the questions in your post: Find one explicit unsolved problem in your area of study and write it down. It should be a problem that intrigues you and causes you to spend time thinking of different ways to solve it.


For example, my area of study was an arcade. I watched a local arcade for a long time and listed a bunch of behaviors that I saw. Doing that activity forced me to mentally map out the process of a person visiting an arcade.


Once I did that, I was able to imagine various times when the person felt displeasure or frustration, therefore isolating specific chances to improve that person's experience within an arcade.


Then, out of all the problems I imagined, I was able to think of one that had the best chances of providing me with a solution that is Industrial design related and would be complementary to my portfolio.


Let me know if this helps,



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