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Guest willorrock

Sustainable Mobile Communications

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Guest willorrock



I am about to start a sustainable communications project. As everyone knows from observation mobile communications are one of the most overly designed and focused upon areas! (making the project hard in terms of innovation etc)


I would like my mobile device to have a longer life expectancy by perhaps acclimatising to users requirements as they change and to be a close to 100% recyclable as possible. it is likely the device will be a phone.


any ideas, thoughts or advice would be brilliant,


thanks guys :-)



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Guest newt @ MWE



As you had hinted at, mobile phones are pretty robustly designed allready. I think thier durability is really not the issue. Being recyclable would be great as long as they are still profitable.


The real issue is companies creating a new phone every couple months, outdating the previous. They push it hard in the media and create featuritis buzz.


If you could make the phone updatable (content and performance wise) I think you would have a product with consumer benefit that the phone companies can still make money off of.


I am curious to see what the lifespan of the iphone is going to be as it's sheer simpicity and interface allow it to be completely content updatable.


good luck with this and post the progress


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