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Found 3 results

  1. I am a student studying in my second year studying BA Product Design. I have begun applying for a placement year beginning in summer 2012 and am having some trouble with my CV. I have written a 'black & white' CV but now some places I apply for are asking for a 'design' or 'colour' CV. I have looked online at some examples and some of them are truly amazing. what I need help with is what is the best way to do one, because the examples I looked at differed in so many ways. is it better to include a lot of information, or to show your creative side more? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, For my A2 level work I have been tasked with generating and producing a design that is 'clearly recognisable to a past historical design movement.' The design movement I have decided to focus on is Alessi. I require your feedback as to what area you would like to see an Alessi inspired product designd for other than food and drink utensils, for example - garden products, bathroom products, etc.. Additionaly, it would be appreciated if you could list down any specifications you feel are a MUST for an Alessi design aswell as what specifications are just desirables. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it will allow me to create a client profile and a specification list for my product. Many thanks, Matt Hales Brimsham Green Sixth Form
  3. Jimmy B

    Please Review My Portfolio

    Hello fellow Designers, I thought it was about time for a portfolio review of some of my work. Plenty criticism is very useful to me as this helps to improve my quality of work and help me to present it. I give links to my Coroflot, Deviantart portfolio website and Profile. Thanks for taking your time to look around Jimmy http://www.coroflot....myb_n/portfolio - coroflot http://jamesbarford.artworkfolio.com/ -art work via Deviantart portfolio builder http://jimmytothebe.deviantart.com/ -Deviantart profile

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