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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Im designing a mouse trap which is basically a dome but just a bit elongated. Ive done the dome shape but i need to draw a viewing window onto the curved top in a circular shape. I have been hopelessly trying for 2 hours any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Im not too advanced on the programme yet so im sorry if this question has a simple solution! Thanks, Ben.
  2. Hi all, I am developing a range of replacement scissor handles for a company manufacturing disability living aids and have now come to creating 3D ready for a few SLA prototypes. I am a little rusty in 3D as I've been working for bank for the last two years so am looking for some really great tips for modeling something of the like with very little uniform curvature throughout. Just as an idea: I use both Solidworks and Rhino and know the two would require very different approaches. I would rather complete the model in SW as manufacturers have asked for parametric data, and also I've had many problems in the past with sending Rhino models to rapid prototyping machines. Thanks in advance! Oli PS Good to back on the forum after all these years!
  3. Hello, I`m working on an uni project, and i could use help from a [solidworks pro]. I made a glasses frame and used the split tool to convert it into solidbodys to later autoassembly it into parts. Then i created a planer surface for the lenses/shades, extended ,bent, and thicken it. Now i want to use split again to cut the lens shape into the frame. Since i already have a solidbody folder in my feature tree, it won`t add the lenses as bodys. also it dosn`t creat walls in my frame, and i can look into it as if its not solid. I would be happy about a little skype chat, with shared screen, i don`t know if any of you is bored or interessted enough to help me out quickly. I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Cheers Burns
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a mold split in SolidWorks, using an STL file of a toy generated by a surface modeler (tried Blender and Maya). In both cases, SolidWorks is unable to import the STL (from Maya and Blender) because SolidWorks says the file is too big (9MB). However going less than that doesn't really solve the issue since I'm looking for a lot of detail on the toy. I've also tried an IGS, but the IGS from Maya and Blender doesn't seem to translate well to a SolidWorks compatible IGS. Do you have any suggestions or tips on how this is done? I was thinking it'd be pretty simple because if I were to have a mold purchased by a 3rd party vendor, I figure they'd take my STL and make a split out of it in no time. Maybe I'm trying to use the wrong software? Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks

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