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Found 2 results

  1. My name is Jimmy. I consider myself a techie and have a passion for computer technology. Recently I have gone out on a limb in order to try to develop a consumer electronic company. I'm very creative and consider myself an innovative thinker and inventor. I have many ideas and concepts but I need someone to help me visualize my designs and exchange ideas with. As of right now I don't have very much money so I'm asking for someone to help me in their free time. I want some talented people on my team. If your interested in helping me you can contact me back at jimmysmith44@aol.comThanks for your time. If you'd like to know more about me visit my personal profile page at http://about.me/jimmyasmith
  2. Hello, im new to this forum and was wondering if any one had information to share on what software toy companys are using to develop new products, specifically more organic designs like ,action figures or the types of toy characters you would find at Mcdonalds(suitable for injection molding) I'm using Rhino at the moment and have used Zbrush for a few years making props for theme parks but the two programs don't work as seamless as you would think are needed for a toy production work flow. ive seen an example from solidworks that fisher price was using their software but most of there designs are blocky and colud be done in almost any cad software. does Mcfarlane toys use injection molding? if so how would they get hard molds made from there sculpts? most factorys seem to be using cad engineering software to make their molds and require stp files not stl. if your working in Rhino, solidworks or inventor/alias this is fine, but they are not capable of making expressive characters suitable for plastic injection molding. is there any software that allows you to work on a mesh and convert it to a polysurface that can be exported in STP format. any info on inventor and mudbox? any information would be greatly appreciated or links to any other forums? Thank you

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