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Found 4 results

  1. bowlofnoodle

    Creo Basic Tutorial - Letter Holder

    I have made a simple tutorial on how to use Creo to model and render a letter holder. Check it out: http://youtu.be/_Dom6Ri0ckk Creo has some simple and useful features such as a nice rendering library. Creo 2 Student Edition is available for free at - http://www.ptc.com/c...unity/download/
  2. admin

    Sketch Rendering Tutorial

    Dear members, I have recently done a quick sketch rendering demo in my company, and I have prepared a step by step screenshots tutorial that I'd like to share here with you all. Basically it is showing what tools and techniques I use to render a quick concept sketch line drawing using the mouse only. No pen tablet is needed, really. The time I spent for this one is around 1 hour, including making the screenshots. In my daily work, I think I must be able to render 8 of these illustrations in one day. They can be used for internal concepts reviews, or even reviewing with the client in the early concept stage. Of course you can spend more time on more details, but for this demo the purpose is to quickly render the basic coloring,shading,lighting and highlights. I have used the Eton Axis radio for this tutorial. This product is absolutely a great object to practice your sketching skills. It has basic geometries like cylinders and boxes. Actually I did a sketch demo for this one too, but I don't think I should cover that, as there are many good sketch demos available online already. By the way, my sketch is not perfect (ellipses are off), but it should be good enough The following 4 Photoshop tools are the most important ones for this particular tutorial: - Layers :separate the different materials/colors - Polygonal lasso + Paint bucket : color large surfaces - Brush : color smaller surface - Dodge + Burn : lighting and shading surfaces All right, so here we go.
  3. hi am working on a glassware company i used rhino to model my designs and i render them in cinema 4d i get nice results when it comes to simple shapes but when i try to render a complex geometry with tiles or something i get bad results and the shadows of the tiles or the pattern i use doesn't seam to appear at all iam not sure if the problem is with the modelling or the render or maybe the software i need to get a result close to the shown renders if someone can help me about this point i will really appreciate that

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