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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've recently been very interested in taking classes in industrial design but I really don't have much time on my hands. I have been debating on taking online classes but I feel that perhaps this field of study is not one that I can consider taking online classes, mainly because I feel this should be more of a hands on learning experience. Is there anyone out there that has taken classes online or known anyone. I would really appreciate some feedback on this subject. Thanks.
  2. My name is Jimmy. I consider myself a techie and have a passion for computer technology. Recently I have gone out on a limb in order to try to develop a consumer electronic company. I'm very creative and consider myself an innovative thinker and inventor. I have many ideas and concepts but I need someone to help me visualize my designs and exchange ideas with. As of right now I don't have very much money so I'm asking for someone to help me in their free time. I want some talented people on my team. If your interested in helping me you can contact me back at jimmysmith44@aol.comThanks for your time. If you'd like to know more about me visit my personal profile page at http://about.me/jimmyasmith
  3. Hello, I share this link because it could be very helpful and inspirational for other designers: designtoconnect.blogspot.com When you designing products, one of the returning issues is "How to join different parts and materials." Physical connections in products are very important, they influence the assembly and manufacturing, the aesthetics of a product, in some cases the usability and the disassembly of the product. Finding useful inspiration about different ways to join parts in products is very difficult. This is why I decided to setup a 'joining inspiration database': You can search on geometry, materials, functions or joining methods. The database already contains almost 600 examples. You always can send me interesting joining methods or products with an interesting joining solutions. I will put them to the database and share them with the community. If you have comments or remarks about it, let me now! Grtz T.
  4. Hi, I'm a chartered marketer who has recently started learning product design. I'm in a great position to start developing new products but my chance has passed to learn the fundimentals via university (I'm currently studying MA in Marketing at Durham PT). To be honest, I'm bored of marketing communications, my focus now is all about great products that people actually want. So my question to all you Industrial Design professionals is: What were the core elements of study at university, and what text books would you suggest I buy? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Currently I'm reading some good books on sketching, I'm also doing solidworks lessons via YouTube but am going to learn at an accredited learning centre. I also working an injection moulding factory, so this, woodwork and metals are also of interest to me.
  5. I am a student studying in my second year studying BA Product Design. I have begun applying for a placement year beginning in summer 2012 and am having some trouble with my CV. I have written a 'black & white' CV but now some places I apply for are asking for a 'design' or 'colour' CV. I have looked online at some examples and some of them are truly amazing. what I need help with is what is the best way to do one, because the examples I looked at differed in so many ways. is it better to include a lot of information, or to show your creative side more? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. GonzoInventor

    Product Designers Near Amsterdam?

    Hi, I was wondering how many board members are from in or around the Amsterdam area? Come and say hello, below, if this is the case.
  7. DSK ISD is an internationally recognized design school that has created a number of professional designers who are now working with reputed companies and design studios worldwide. The reputed DSK Group from the real estate industry has ventured with the globally recognized French Institute – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennois (CCIV), France to conduct courses in the creative fields. Basically originated from ISD France, DSK International School of Design (ISD) in Pune has been established on the foundation of international network and experience.
  8. Guy Tevel Product Design and Development http://www.guytevel.com Guy Tevel has a new web site showcasing recent industrial design work: Portfolio: http://www.guytevel.com/product-design-portfolio.html About the Company: At Guy Tevel, we believe that innovation compliments usability and functionality. We are committed to enhancing and contributing to the world of industrial design by incorporating both creative design and ease-of-use applications. Our vision, to provide quality, user-friendly designs that not only set you apart from the competition but also aid day-to-day lives of your consumers, has led us to design and develop many commercially-viable products for an international base of companies and clients. Our design solutions not only provide an exciting and new addition to the high-end product selection, but also strive to provide functionality and solve issues with past or current design issues that might be an obstacle to convenience and usability. While developing and creating each extricate feature of your design, we constantly keep your clients and end users in mind, striving to bring them an experience that will emotionally connect them to your product and brand. Led by Guy Tevel himself, the firm believes in team work, creativity, and above all, strong innovative mindsets that set Guy Tevel apart from the rest. Guy Tevel delivers innovation and creativity in every product design we create.

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