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Found 3 results

  1. Eldajna

    Watch Producers?

    If one has designed a watch and wants to manufacture the whole thing, without including a investor or an existing watch company, where does one go? First, I'm in need of some information of watch producers and manufacturers mainly in europe. But if there are cheap, BUT GOOD producers in ASIA or other parts of the world, I would gladly have their www/iPhone/@ or whatever info please:D Second, I have absolutely NO idea of how much a watch module costs to produce. Obviously, it depends on the amount and the type of parts and watch. Is there any guideline or approximation please hit me with it! I will be absolutely thrilled for all information given to me! Thanks in advance! /E
  2. I'm a Freelance Industrial Designer with a small design house located in Melbourne, Australia. Proposal Summary: The product range was inspired by workplace experience and is designed primarily to manage and reduce the risk of potentially serious accidental injury associated with certain widely used mobility aids, e.g. (walking sticks, crutches, etc.) The market already boasts several products which attempt to address this problem but all fall short of the mark. Focus groups describe these mechanisms as ineffective, situation specific and awkward. The developers have created an inexpensive innovation which all but eliminates the clearly defined risk whilst delivering unprecedented convenience and functionality. Extensive trials involving prototypes, end users, healthcare professionals and the general public have resulted in the full endorsement of both concept and product. After further refinement and quotes concerning tool up and manufacture, the STICK UP now stands ready to serve an accessible and receptive global market. In order to achieve this developers of the product require an investor who will provide up to $150,000. This person will be an active participant in the growth and ultimate success of the project bringing to it appropriate skills and entrepreneurial vision. The investment amount will be used to mass manufacture the product and deliver it to a point of purchase. The amount will also be used to market the product to the public's interest. Our market target range from sport injured individuals to old age and old age carers. Taking into account Australia's and the world ageing population, the potential markets is titanic, globally. Our primary selling markets are pharmacies, rehab/sports injury clinics, age care centres and distributors/ manufacturers of mobility aids equipment nation wide and abroad. Management Team: Newly established multi-disciplined Design House, located in the inner suburban area of Melbourne. We are a multifaceted, innovative, product design/ consumer product design team comprising of industrial designer and designer/ design concept advisory. RETURN ON INVESTMENT: By contributing capital to the business, the Investor would be eligible to 30% share of the business. Further negotiations can be discussed at future appointments. If anyone out there who is interested or know of someone who is interested, please contact me via email Phonggy@gmail.com. Thanks.
  3. Check out all of our products we have produced the past few years at our website : http://www.rnrassociates.com/index.php We start from production and go to marketing for every product development need! Check out our blog that illustrates the latest and greatest product ideas too! http://www.rnrassoci....com/wordpress/

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