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Found 18 results

  1. Arre

    Package Design

    Hi folks, Been a long time, and my user account was even deleted Anyways I am an industrial designer who hit a problem at work, usually I design various products, but now my boss wants me to design the packaging as well... But I don't really know were to start, since I don't have any education at all in it. For starters I've come up with a really nice designs, which I have got praised for, on the other hand is these designs made in hard paper (very thick paper) and not fold-able, which leads to a lot of "air transportation". And since I don't have any knowledge in paper/package design at all I've hit the wall so to say, I don't really know how to make these nice designs, since the lack of material knowledge (paper in this case) Anyone that is in the same position or have any tips regarding package design, maybe some good books of what you should/shouldn't do when it comes to package design. Best regards, Arre
  2. Hey guys i just finished my first portfolio, please give me some feedback, so far, some friendas had told me that it has too much text...am i including too many details?? what do you think?? please help me! http://issuu.com/steech/docs/cristhianserranoportfolio
  3. breakbeat12

    Universal Design

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the different between inclusive design and universal design. The only difference to my understanding is that inclusive design doesn't focus on age or disability as much as universal design. I'm not even sure if that's right. Any help appreciated.
  4. Bryce James Parker

    Surfboard Design

    Hey everyone My name is Bryce Parker and I have entered a Red Bull competition for Sally Fitzgibbons which gets you to design a surfboard design that may be used as Sally's board design for when she tours. My design is called 'Ink Splats and Tessellation Pats' and has been created using Ink, watercolour paper then some photoshop editing, arrangement, colourization and the final design came out like the picture at the end of the post. You can actually vote for my surfboard design by clicking the link below Link: http://tiny.cc/dd7tn Would be great to get some feedback on it as I'm currently about to become an Art Uni student and will hopefully have this in my folio for presentation. Also, please do give it a vote if you like it as well, would highly appreciate it
  5. Hi, Just wanted to share my kickstarter footwear project. The shoes are inspired by ping pong, and we’re trying to raise enough to create a free design space in NY with the sale of these shoes. We want to create a space for young designers to work on their projects, meet mentors and showcase their work in a professional environment. Heres the link to the video; http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lup/lup-ping-pong-inspired-footwear If you like what you see, you can now place your order on the kickstarter link above! Cheers, Daniel Bailey Co-Founder/Designer - lup www.iamlup.com @MrBailey www.danielbailey.us
  6. ‘PiK ME’ is a set of hand made porcelain salt and pepper shakers that I designed myself. Resembling enthusiastic kids, these little guys are constantly fighting for your attention to pick one over the other. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your dinner table. I have made a website for them that you can purchase them at: http://www.osdesignstore.com/
  7. Cristhian

    Miau! Ironing Table

    Some guy told me that designing an ironing table won't get me a job at Silicon Valley ,now i want to hear what other jobs i won't get from you...last time i check designers were able to work in any kind of product related projects.
  8. franzeindesign

    My New Website Feedback

    Hi There, I have almost finished my website, please check it out if you have time http://www.franzeindesign.com.au/index.html Cheers Anthony
  9. Christopher French

    Design Tradeshows And Exhibitions

    Hi I am writing a dissertation on the importance of tradeshows and exhibitions to the european design industry. They play a huge role in how products are bought for retail and the promotion of products and design in general. I am trying to understand just what both the visitors to tradeshows and exhibitors really get from them. I have created two surveys which, if you can spare a few minutes, I would appreciate if you completed. I have one relating to the experiences of exhibitors and one for visitors. If you have had experience of visiting a european design tradeshow then please complete the following survey:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LYMHD3S. If you have experience of exhibiting at european design tradeshow the please complete thhis survey:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3RDLPL3. If you have experience as both a visitor and exhibitor then please fill in both. Many thanks in advance for your help, you will be helping me finish my degree and I am very grateful. I am hoping to create a easy to navigate guide that characterises the tradeshows available in europe so that companies and designers can make better decisions as to where they visit or exhibit at. There is a myriad of tradeshows and exhibitions and sometimes it is hard to really understand where and which is most beneficial. This is most pertinent at the moment because of the effects the global recession is having on all of our purse strings. If you have any other comments or reflection then please add them below. Once again, many thanks.
  10. This image is not a master piece but you get my idea. I really need to dig out my WACOM, lol. This is a concept 'sketch' (emphasis on sketch) of a retro modern cafe racer. It features a 1690cc V-twin engine by S&S, TTX-36R rear shock by Ohlin's, CNC machined 7075T front fork and swing arm, Carbon fiber tank and seat pan, CNC machined mirrors and controls. There's too much more to list like it's titanium braided brake lines or it's 330mm Brembo rotors and calipers. So, let's just say "Yeah it's got a HEMI". I would really love to start my own custom motorcycle and accessories company. I think I will 3D model this beats soon. The engine will take quite some time to model though. Oh I forgot my Formula One inspired front suspension which I will not show because I want to file a patent. Tools used: Bic ballpoint pen 8.5" x 11.0" Copy paper HP Photosmart printer/scanner Photoshop CS5.1 x64 Extended
  11. kawadas

    Siemens Project

    I'm Looking to start a design project, based on the company SIEMENS. I want you people to suggest products I could design for them. 1) I want to design something I could physically make 2) The product could contain some simple programming controls 3) I want to be able to test it, and analyse the data afterwards I am Open to all suggestions. Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. Eldajna

    How To Produce A Watch?

    If one has designed a watch and wants to manufacture the whole thing, without including a investor or an existing watch company, where does one go? First, I'm in need of some information of watch producers and manufacturers mainly in europe. But if there are cheap, BUT GOOD producers in ASIA or other parts of the world, I would gladly have their www/iPhone/@ or whatever info please:D Second, I have absolutely NO idea of how much a watch module costs to produce. Obviously, it depends on the amount and the type of parts and watch. Is there any guideline or approximation please hit me with it! I will be absolutely thrilled for all information given to me! Thanks in advance! /E
  13. Hi all I am a Student at the University of Bournemouth studying product design and I am getting sick of good ideas that would greatly benefit people across the globe getting put aside because they do not pose a great potential for financial gain. Therefore I am attempting to set up a Social Enterprise that takes all of these ideas that have been put aside and attempt to create products from these with no aim for personal or financial benefit. The company shall be funded by advertising, donations and a small revenue generated by products. Effectively this revenue will only aim to help cover expenses and fuel the next batch of products. This way the products can be functional and affordable to the targeted group.I am sure there are a million problems with this idea, so I am asking for you to pick it apart so that the concept can be refined. Along with any Ideas that could be helpful. Many Thanks Together we can change the world !!!! Jake
  14. "China's Most Successful Design Award" is one of the major and elite design awards in China, operated by CBi China Bridge Consultancy. It is created to empower, celebrate, and elevate our Industry of Design. It is guided by the vision to improve the value provided to business and society through successful design. The award has been held annually in Shanghai since 2006. Designers and companies from around the world that actively create a positive impact and influence in the Chinese market are welcome to participate. China’s Most Successful Design Awards categories for 2011 include design concepts, services and tangible goods in five categories: Product and service design, transportation, fashion design, spaces and visual transmission. Among the winners of the previous awards are such world renowned companies as Philips, Whirlpool, Asus, Electrolux and many others. The award ceremony of 2011 will be held on November 4th. For more information visit our web site www.designsuccess.cn To stay updated of the latest news in the world of Industrial Design follow our blog: http://designsuccess.wordpress.com/ Also follow us on Linkedin. We wish you great ideas and designs!
  15. Hi, I'm current working on a major project related to shin guards in Football (Soccer for the yanks). I've set up a very short questionnaire to help justify some of the insights I've found during research and hopefully to uncover some new ones. Obviously the more people I can get to do it the better. I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who spare's the time to do it and doubly grateful to anyone who circulates it further to people they know who play football (maybe a Sunday league or 5 a side team). Please only complete it if you play or have played football. Here's the link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B5YBD86. Thanks
  16. Jimmy B

    Please Review My Portfolio

    Hello fellow Designers, I thought it was about time for a portfolio review of some of my work. Plenty criticism is very useful to me as this helps to improve my quality of work and help me to present it. I give links to my Coroflot, Deviantart portfolio website and Profile. Thanks for taking your time to look around Jimmy http://www.coroflot....myb_n/portfolio - coroflot http://jamesbarford.artworkfolio.com/ -art work via Deviantart portfolio builder http://jimmytothebe.deviantart.com/ -Deviantart profile
  17. USING MECHANICAL FASTENERS,PIN ....any other ideas how can i connect a wheel? ?any good website where i can get the info

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