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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys i just finished my first portfolio, please give me some feedback, so far, some friendas had told me that it has too much text...am i including too many details?? what do you think?? please help me! http://issuu.com/steech/docs/cristhianserranoportfolio
  2. FusionMark

    Mark Little

    Hey Guy's, I have 6 years in the design industry and would be really interested to know what you think of my work? My Coroflot Site: http://www.coroflot.com/fusionmark/portfolio My Website: http://www.fusionweld.com Twiiter: @fusionmark Cheers, Mark
  3. hambo713

    Hamish Tennent's Portfolio

    Hi everyone. i've recently graduated and have been working on my graduate portfolio showing the last 4 years of my life, i'd love you opinions and feedback if possible: http://issuu.com/industrialhamish/docs/portfolio Do you think this shows a good skillset for a graduate student and do you think I show enough to a prospective employer to gain some interest? Regards Hamish
  4. Hi everyone. If you have the time please take a look at my portfolio and write a review. All reviews welcome, so I can see if it is up to standard or if it needs some tweaking. Thank you very much www.rdvb-designshowcase.blogspot.com
  5. caraulani

    Giving Back To Productdesignforum

    3 years ago this forum gave me all i needed to create my portfolio. That portfolio helped me study at one of England`s top design universities. I now feel that i need to give back to the community that i always lurked around and learned. I recently created my blog, and I intend to share it with people that seek what i always searched for in the past years, what i always hoped to find in one place, and had to fight for. My output (or as some call it , portfolio) will be presented in a organic structure which hopefully will reveal more than a end result, but the process that always remains hidden. Hope you find it useful as i did. www.caraulani.com ps. yesterday i was featured a article on productdesignhub, and because it resonates with what i said here, i urge you to read and share. http://productdesign...0%9C-manifesto/ Julian
  6. Jimmy B

    Please Review My Portfolio

    Hello fellow Designers, I thought it was about time for a portfolio review of some of my work. Plenty criticism is very useful to me as this helps to improve my quality of work and help me to present it. I give links to my Coroflot, Deviantart portfolio website and Profile. Thanks for taking your time to look around Jimmy http://www.coroflot....myb_n/portfolio - coroflot http://jamesbarford.artworkfolio.com/ -art work via Deviantart portfolio builder http://jimmytothebe.deviantart.com/ -Deviantart profile
  7. Guy Tevel Product Design and Development http://www.guytevel.com Guy Tevel has a new web site showcasing recent industrial design work: Portfolio: http://www.guytevel.com/product-design-portfolio.html About the Company: At Guy Tevel, we believe that innovation compliments usability and functionality. We are committed to enhancing and contributing to the world of industrial design by incorporating both creative design and ease-of-use applications. Our vision, to provide quality, user-friendly designs that not only set you apart from the competition but also aid day-to-day lives of your consumers, has led us to design and develop many commercially-viable products for an international base of companies and clients. Our design solutions not only provide an exciting and new addition to the high-end product selection, but also strive to provide functionality and solve issues with past or current design issues that might be an obstacle to convenience and usability. While developing and creating each extricate feature of your design, we constantly keep your clients and end users in mind, striving to bring them an experience that will emotionally connect them to your product and brand. Led by Guy Tevel himself, the firm believes in team work, creativity, and above all, strong innovative mindsets that set Guy Tevel apart from the rest. Guy Tevel delivers innovation and creativity in every product design we create.

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