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  1. Hi, I am Linh. Currently, I am doing a project for a competition with topic is "Innovation". I am looking for the needs to innovate iPhone case packagings. Can anyone give good suggestions about what need to innovate the packaging? Or any problems with the packages need to be solved. I saw many iPhone case packages were made with a lot of plastics. Also, mostly all of the packaging were designed with a typical forms. Nothing is distinctively special. Also, I also plan to make a multifunctional package that could turn into an IPhone stand. For some people who prefer to use simple iPhone case, or non-functional (because some with functions look bulky), they could use the package as the stand to hold up their phone. Do you think this is a fine idea? I am still looking for more problems or the needs to innovate the packaging. Hope to receive your suggestions. Thank you for your supports.

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