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  1. The most important issue of industrial factory design is to carry out the plan complying with the production line. This job needs architects and engineers to study technology line diagram, technical characters of machines, relations and connections of manufacturing industrial products in the factory from raw material input to finishing products. That is a non-stopping and closing process, ensuring right production line, non-far-walking space that wastes labor, not-intersection of internal traffic, or just one way direction production line is the best. Sapporo beer factory construction Industrial factory is often designed as prefabricated steel factory with long span or truss without support in middle. It is called “prefabricated steel factory” because its columns, trusses of steel structure framings had been manufactured and shaped in steel workshop before they are installed and connected at construction site. This method saves the construction time of industrial factory so much, and the factory can be operated as soon as planned. Basing on requirements of production lines, prefabricated steel factory structural design engineers select truss span and column pitch that are optimizations of function and construction cost. Adjusting these two factors of prefabricated steel framing affects construction very much. In some cases, using or not using a column in middle of a steel can make prefabricated steel truss cost change 50%-100%. Prefabricated steel factory design consultancy Industrial factory design are not only to optimize the prefabricated steel framingto reduce the construction cost, but also to design the best solutions of architectural finishing materials and MEP systems to ensure professional standards in manufacturing such as clean room in medicine or HACCP in food industry, seafood,… As requested by selling markets, industrial factory design consultants must study professional standards of those countries. Some well-known and trusted international groups have their own requirements that are higher than common standards and main materials and equipments must be imported from abroad appointed suppliers. Woodpellet factory design consultancy For large scale industrial factory design, architect does not forgetting to design green space, car park, canteen, sport and entertainment areas for factory labors. To arrange these facilities in an limited area of the factory land, which is mostly for factory building, is a creative and challenging work for architect because the design must comply with construction regulations of the industrial park or local authorities. With educated and experienced experts, Song Nam is known as a trusted consultancy company for domestic and foreign investors in design consultancy, construction permit services, site supervision, project management and bidding consultancy for industrial factory, prefabricated steel factory in Vietnam. We carry out the best solutions to save the time and money of the project for investor. =========== Gemini Project Developer Company Limited - Hotline : +(84) 1269 861 168Head Office: 98 Tran Quang Khai Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City - Tel: + (84.28) 3848 4995 Email: songnam09@gmail.com Website: http://www.songnam.net

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