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    Product Design Companies

    Post info / links about your product design or product engineering companies: the world values what we do as product designers, and it is helpful to understand what different firm's capabilities are. We love to collaborate! Here is our Product Design Company Our company is strongest in development of consumer or industrial products that incorporate mechanisms with PCBA's and embedded firmware. We work in injection molded plastic, formed metals, cast metals, and foams. Our projects begin in the pre-concept phase, and carry through to full DFM and manufacturer engagement. We apply lean principles to our use of product prototypes, ensuring that all prototypes exist for a reason and provide inputs back into the development process. Our project structure helps ensure scopes are solid. Equipment design and engineering is a strong suit for us as well. We use Virtual Reality Prototyping to reduce overall development costs in our equipment development projects.
  2. Hi, with the unlimited number of blogs and forums, you can use for intaking information or your knowledge fix. Has information overload been a factor with when searching for answers? I am a marketing manager for a product development company and it appears that everytime I look at what other engineers or product development professionals are reading is basically the same topic but spun (re-written) several times. Maybe I am looking at the wrong places for information (it can be since I am not an engineer), so I wanted to ask here, to the hundreds of professional engineers and students of the subject; what are the best places where you usually go to get the information that gets you excited about your projects? or what are the topics that engineers are now craving and no one seems to be talking about? My job is to provide the best educational experience to our website visitors and make sure I provide the right content with the right information, so if you can help me out, I will really appreciate it. but how do I plan to provide engineering-related information to people like yourselves? Well, as I stated before, I work for a product development company, therefore, I have a team of active professionals in the product design and development field that work on creating new products (consumer products, industrial equipment, smart devices, and more), optimizing or rejuvenating older versions on a daily basis. They can be a great resource for knowledge and that can be of value to this forum. Again, thank you for your help in advance, and I hope to hear from a lot of the members of this group. Best, SGW Designworks
  3. SGW Designworks PD

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    Hi, we are a product development company in Boise, Idaho and our blog talks about many topics within product development that include industrial design, product initial concept, rapid prototyping, prototype iteration and manufacturability. Also, check some of the projects we have worked on and let us know if you have any questions. check out our product design and development blog

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