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  1. Prod3r

    Design for food business

    I always like trying out the foods offered by food truckers. Due to my love for food, I'm planning to venture into that kind of business but I still have to study the market and know the cost of the truck parts and other equipment needed. Anyone here who has tried to design something for a food truck? Hope you can give out some tips.
  2. Prod3r

    Best Marker Colors To Start With

    will take note of that too
  3. Prod3r

    Toy Designer

    It must be fun to be a toy designer
  4. Prod3r

    Sketching & Rendering Practice

    that's pretty cool. Nice work!
  5. Prod3r

    Myermoto Air

    Too bad the link isn't working
  6. Prod3r

    My Online Portfolio

    is there a problem with WIX?
  7. Prod3r

    Feedback On My Portfolio

    Hi. I think the link is broken

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