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  1. Hello, My name is Zane. My company is Snazzz. Currently a product discovery platform focused on minimal/modern design. Expanding to create a design-centric community. -> www.snazzz.com At the present time (April 2018) we're currently in early stages of our business, and looking for marketing intern passionate about product design. Someone who loves product design, loves social media, can help build new partnerships, and has reasonable writing/editing skills (this is really the only necessity since you'll be writing emails, social media postings, reviewing blog content, etc - but we can help guide you on this). Social Media Engage with our social media channels, run campaigns, make various postings. Partnerships and Sponsorships Connect with industry members like interior designers, retail companies, recent Kickstarter/IndieGoGo, etc in order to build strategic marketing partnerships, and potentially be given sponsorship by such brands to help us cover certain costs) Product Press Releases Connect with brands and new product makers to offer product press releases and place these postings throughout our website, blog, and social media channels. Product Design Blog We're planning to implement a product design segment into our blog. You'd help to facilitate connecting with those who are trying to share their concepts with our community. There's a great possibility this could lead you to a design job in the future, through an associated brand in our eco-system, and will help you establish certain skills and connections that will be great to have as you pursue your career further down the road. For consideration, email at: zane@snazzz.com Include your: Name, Bio, Location, Contact info, Experience/Education (if any), a few of your favorite product designs over the last few years (and why), and something you've worked on (if any). Look forward to hearing from you!

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