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  1. The 6th International (Yong An) Bamboo Products Industry Design Contest In order to spread Chinese bamboo culture and develop bamboo industry. Organizers are International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, The International Center for Bamboo and Rattan, The Forestry Administration of Fujian Province, and China Bamboo Industry Association. Co-organizer are The Specialty Committee for Furniture Designing and Manufacturing of the National Committee for Education and Instruction in Light Industry, China National Research Center of Bamboo Furnishings Engineering, Guangdong Institute of Advanced Furnishings Industry, Fujian Furniture Association, and Yong An Bamboo Industry Institute. Executive is The Peoples Government of Yong An City. The 6 th International (Yong An) Bamboo Products Industry Design Contest is soliciting contributions. Category including Bamboo made tourism commodity and Bamboo made office furniture and study furniture. The Address and Contact Info of the Organizing Committee. 1. Add: No.909, Baxi Blvd, Yong An, Fujian Province, PR China. 2. Tel: 0598-3615306 Fax: 0598-3615306. 3. Contact: Yanjun Tan. 4. E-mailibpdc@qq.com. 5. Website: http://www.bambooarting.com. 6. QQ Group: 181747830. 7. WeChat: zhutianxia0598. 8. Deadline for entry is at 24:00, July 25, 2017.

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