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  1. I am the lead designer of Likuma Labs, a small design and engineering firm in Philadelphia. We have been developing a radically new window air conditioner called Noria. With over 2 years in development we have done what others in the industry have said was impossible. Despite its small size and stylish exterior, the interior houses a highly complex system of components that delivers the same amount of cool air a unit twice it's physical size can. Noria was designed to address all the pain points of current window air conditioners. From beautiful design to easy installation to remote connectivity and schedule creation, Noria makes living with a window air conditioner a pain-free experience. The intuitive thermostat knob interface makes interaction simple. Smart features mean you can control Noria from anywhere. A low profile design allows you to keep the view from your window, and makes storage a breeze. The fresh air mode brings in outside air on those cool September nights. Noria is less than 6'' tall. Unlike other window air conditioners, Noria directs the cool air up towards the ceiling, creating a convective cycle that eliminates cold and hot spots in the room. At 5000 BTU/hr Noria can cool a 10'x16' room, or two Noria can cool a room up to 330 sqft. Noria also comes with a special window frame adapter to ensure a safe and easy installation. The adapter is installed first to create a secure, sealed socket for Noria to slide and lock into. The innovative handle and rounded sides further aid with installation, removal and storage. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kurt/noria-cool-redefined/widget/video.html"frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe> Pledge now on Kickstarter!

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