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  1. I've been dreaming for years about building my own car,but never really pursued that dream.


    Now that I've got some spare time, I actually started thinking about how it'd look like... And decided for something that... err.. purists might not quite like.


    The basic idea was that I'd like a hybrid between a 70's personal luxury and sports car. As I'm still dreaming about building it one day, it might aswell be something doable, like a body-on-frame design, which is the reason for starting from a Lincoln Mark VI on a Panther-platform.




    And I also knew which kind of sports car I'd like to take some design cues from... the Maserati Ghibli. I simply can not resist the immeasurable beauty of her Kamm-tail.



    The rest of the car would be taken from another all-time favourite of mine, the BMW E23. Serious to evil look, just how I like it.




    So after some fiddling, I got this:




    So what do you guys think about it? I'm very satisfied that the floor won't require much work, the seats won't have to be moved & that the firewall stays in place, but I'm unsure if I can pull off the double-sloping passenger-compartment + rear portion of the car with such an angular front.




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