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    Hello All we are eyewear company and now needs designers for this year. What we design : sunglasses, cycling sunglasses, sport sunglasses, safety glasses, ski goggle, reading glasses. We only need sketch part and idea design. please add me on skype: gary.wang. sunmax Thank you so much Gary
  2. Goplergop

    Oculo Glasses Storage

    It looks great, i have a trouble of pair of design, woudl yo uplease help our company gary
  3. Dear Sir We are eyewear manufacture in Taiwan experts in Sunglasses, Ski goggle, safety glasses, reading glasses and Melanin Lens. We are seeking partnership with great Designer to expand the product line. If you won't mind, please add me on skype : gary.wang.sunmax Gary
  4. Dear Sir How are you We are quality factory in Taiwan, expert in Sunglasses, Ski goggle, safety glasses and reading glasses factory n Taiwan. For any other questions: please feel free to add me on skype : gary.wang.sunmax Gary

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