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  1. Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and I am designing a cylinder like shape with chamfer edges. I attached a image of the shape i want, which will be made out of aluminium with CNC milling. I was thinking to anodize this part, where the middle part is 'matte' and the chamfers (top/bottom) are polished in a champagne-gold colour. It's similar to how the aluminium band of an iPhone 5(s) looks like. I wonder if this can be accomplished is one anodizing process? Some manufacturing companies said they dont know how it's been done cause of the two different surface finishes on an iPhone 5(s). Cause if you anodize the whole part and mill the chamfers, the gold will be milled off. Initially I thought the middle part is made 'matte' and the chamfer edges is milled. Then the whole piece gets anodized and your finished? Does it work like that? Not sure if a polished edge will still be polished after anodizing. Here is a video on the milling proces of an iPhone 5, but doesn't show the anodizing part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wx37U6u06U I wonder if there are any people who know how this can be realised? (Although I won't be having the same diamond cutter like Apple has,) Any other suggestions are also welcome!
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    Hello! My name is Jay and I am a student Product Design. Recently the interest in manufacturing has evolved so much that I love to read, learn and share knowledge about everything concerning Product Design! Looking forward to this community!

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