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  1. ...but I believe my 'take on it' is slightly different still. I normally try to figure out stuff like this myself, but now I've been working for about 3 full days and I'm stuck, so I hope that some of you will be kind enough to help me. I am trying to design a guitar, and I need variable chamfers along the edges of it. Now, I have seen the tutorials about making a fillet, using surface loft and the cutting using the surface. Mostly that works just fine for me, but on this guitar I need the chamfer to follow a line on the body, not on the edge. See the screenshots, they will explain better I think. I have been able to create a surface with surface loft (sometimes) but it folds in really weird ways, and it seems to get 'reference points' that aren't very logic as I see it. I'm quite new to Solidworks, but I've been stuck on this for so long now, trying to read the help files and searching online, but to no avail. I can provide the part file of course, if that is needed, tho apparently I'm not permitted to upload it here. Thank you very much for your attention!

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