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  1. Design BETTER Products in LESS Time and Cost To Know How, Ask the Experts at our DfX Seminar at NPE 2015 To design and manufacture today’s complex plastic components, designers must carefully consider all aspects of plastic properties and systematically follow design guidelines to assure the best cost, quality, manufacturability and robustness of plastic parts. At NPE 2015, Geometric is hosting a roster of mini seminar sessions where panel of experts from Geometric and recognized trainer from Plastics Industry will provide their insights on Design for Excellence (DfX) Techniques and Guidelines and discuss real world design problems and case studies on complex parts. Participants are encouraged to bring in their CAD models, No matter how big or small, simple or complex they might be, and let our experts run a DfX analysis on your part and offer their thoughts and advice to solve your design problems. You can also submit your part online at our website here. This is a unique opportunity for the product designers, engineers, program manager, manufacturing engineers and alike to explore and discuss on variety of topics including How to Design for Cost and Quality, Tolerance Stackup Analysis techniques, technologies for efficient design collaboration and future of Design for Manufacturing. Register today to reserve your seat. There is no charge to attend the Seminar, but because space is limited, we do ask that you pre-register yourself. For detailed schedule click here
  2. March 18, 2015. 11 AM EST. Register Now Complexity of products is rapidly increasing. To ensure improved time to market, interchangeability of parts across variants is a critical factor. Tolerance Stackup Analysis helps ensure that assembly problems related to dimensional issues can be avoided. This methodology has rapidly become a regular and integral part of the product design phase. It can be used, both as a predictive and a problem-solving tool during design for assembly. Hence, it is a vital activity used to address mechanical fit and mechanical performance requirements in the basic mechanical design process. Design engineers can perform Tolerance Stackup Analysis to save money and time without the need of a prototype assembly. Though it is no longer a luxury for small and medium-size companies and has become a necessity, companies struggle to implement it smoothly in their design process. Many organizations rely on old fashioned excel based calculations to perform the analysis. Though some organizations do have specialists to perform analysis with advanced tools, it is important that design engineers have some way in which they can look at the stackup analysis problem in a simplified way but which goes beyond excel. Designers are used to working in a visual manner with CAD so they need a tool which provides the same kind of visual interaction combined with the simplicity of a one-dimensional excel based calculation. Join the webinar to learn or refresh some basic as well as critical aspects of Tolerance Stackup Analysis. Attend the webinar to understand the: • Importance of early Tolerance Stackup Analysis • A simplified approach to Tolerance Stackup Analysis • Case studies and Best Practices Register here

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