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  1. Can you specify a bit more on what you actually need? The link doesn't seem to work with me You also PM me
  2. Hi! I need a high quality ceramic and also glass manufacturer to produce the following: - custom products according my designs (the physical product) - blank products to be printed with my own illustrations/patterns The criteria that the company should have and are key factors is the following: - European - Quality - Sustainable resources such as raw materials, production proces and labor. I am not looking for companies located in low cost countries in Asia, India, Africa or Eastern Europe. The products that will be manufactured are for my interior brand called The Interior Cafe. If you are interested as a manufacturer please feel free to contact me at: wim.pauwels@theinteriorcafe.com Thank you very much, Best regards, Wim Pauwels The Interior Cafe
  3. Hi guys! I am looking for freelance designers that design and/or create interior related products such as furniture, textile, pottery, glass, wallpapers, ... I have post an open job application in the job section. I was also looking at the portfolio section on the forum to see if i can find some designers in that way. The problem is that they are not always marked what kind of products there are in the portfolio and also a lot of links are not working any more. You can imagine that this is really time consuming to search in this way. Thats why i was thinking it would be good that i make a post with what im looking for exactly. By this, please if you are interested and you have a nice portfolio concerning interior products. Please post it or send me a message or email to info@theinteriorcafe.com Thanks a lot! Wim The Interior Cafe Freelance Designer.pdf

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