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    Zhongshan, China
  1. tomasher

    L'absente - Chair

    Distilling the cultural soul and shapes of classical French culture from the 18th century. The L’absente concept chair seeks to transcend into the 23rd century where the value of fossil oil derivative products will change into a more precious and a restrictive manner; all caused by the extensive, asphyxiating and unconscious use of polymers in the 21st century. Therefore, the pure polycarbonate will pose as luxury material to make furniture of. Any constructive input is welcome. L'absente by Morosof Design and manufacture all copyrights reserved. Info at sales@morosof.com
  2. tomasher

    Id Portfolio/ Tomas Hernandez

    Hello all, I share some of my earlier works and academic concepts back when i was in Colombia. http://issuu.com/tomasher/docs/portafolio_-_hv_tom__s_hern__ndez_s/1 also my photography blogs and interest. Flickr http://flickr.com/capnash Instagram @tomasher Comments and constructive opinions are very much welcome. More to come on my recent assignments. My best.
  3. tomasher


    Hi all Tomas Hernandez, Colombian Industrial/product designer, living in Zhongshan, China, returning to this community from a long time ago. Looking forward to share and discuss concepts and developments. And if possible meet more designers near me. My best to all. Here some stuff of my interest and contact. http://www.flickr.com/capnash Instagram @tomasher Wechat : tomaasher

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