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  1. Hello! I wish to develop and sell a product. I have no experience in product design or in any of this stuff, but I still wish to do all the necessary steps from the idea to the actual production and selling by myself for learning purposes. When I will create the product, I plan to sell it by creating a Kickstarter campaign. One of the rules for a successful Kickstarter campaign is to build a community around the product a long time before the actual campaign is launched. I was thinking that I could create a blog documenting every step of my product development and learning process to build this community. I thought that such a blog could help gather some fans and I could possibly earn something from advertisements in the blog. I would like to ask you guys is it really a smart idea to create such a blog if the product that I am making is kind of new and I haven't really seen it anywhere yet. Won't somebody steal my idea? Product right now is in very early development stages. It is 3 - 7 month till the production process can be started.

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