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    Save A Designer

    Hi!! I just said vote for me if you think my project is better than others, you are not obligated of course!! I'm asking for some help, because i think i deserve to win the scholarship, and it is very important!! Concerning the system of the competition i' m sorry but the school decided the way one can win, so i can do nothing about it, i would like it was different! Anyway if you don' t want to vote there is no problem, i hope someone else can do it for help me to win (just because the system for winning is so "difficult" for me)
  2. vero

    Save A Designer

    Hi everybody!! I' m taking part in a contest to win a scholarship for a fashion pattern Master. It' s so important for me!! I'm asking you to vote for my project if you think my work is the best one in the competition, it takes just two second and it could make the difference. Everyone can vote once a day, until may 19th. Vote and share it pleaseee!! Thank you :-) (click on the link below, scroll down on the page and click "vote" for Veronica Citterio) http://goo.gl/ADap1T

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