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  1. Hello, I am Researcher working on Intelligent Design Feedback systems in Manufacturing. Its difficult to find professional designers or manufacturers here in campus, so I though of taking some online help. I would be glad if you guys could take some timeout and reply to these questions 1) How do designers and Manufacturers work in general? very closely as a unit? independently etc... 2) How is design information passed between designers and manufacturers? 2D drawings, 3D drawings.... 3) How do manufacturers analyze the design? Do they use any software? or manual analysis... 4) How is the feedback transferred back to the designer, mode of the feedback?? writing, another drawing... 5) Any general / personal experience that you had as a designer or manufacturer that you would like to say about... I am sorry for asking so many questions but these would help me enormously to build up a good experiment design for my research Thanx Prashant

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