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  1. Hello everyone. As one of the founders of Rabazzo i am here with a great offer for designers and inventors. The intention with Rabazzo is to enchance the chances of successful sales for independent creators of all sorts. The site works as a database with listings from creators all over the world where interested buyers makes the purchase directly from YOU, the creator. The site and database will go live when we have reached a sufficient number of participants and we expect to do so within 2-4 weeks. You can already now view a beta version of the site at www.rabazzo.dk The idea sprung from an apparently general attitude towards the fact that sales for creators via shops and alike was not beneficial, or at least not as much as it should be. Therefore we created Rabazzo that gives the opportunity to handle all sales yourself and take in a greater profit from your creations. Test page of how your personalized page could look like can be requested from contacting us at the email below. Any questions are happily answered at rabazzo@rabazzo.dk With kind regards Bjørn H.G Pedersen Rabazzo.dk Upon registering at the site you will recieve: (free for the first 2 months, 18.99$/month following) - personalized page with all your information (contacts and general) - logo and/or picture of you - space for a self-written text about you and your visions - unlimited number of images contained in an image gallery for easy viewing with descriptions - any special requests for your personalized page will be done if possible. - translations can also be done for free for those that are not strong in the English language Coming soon: 3d models of your products ! Registering at Rabazzo.dk Registering can only be done via email (rabazzo@rabazzo.dk) and must contain the following: - full name / designer name / line name - overview of your products with included pictures - description of each item - item number for each item that you wish to have listed - general information preferably in English Future plans for Rabazzo - integration of 3d models of the products (if available from the creator) - more pr and marketing of and for the site - adding forums for community assistance in various matters (production, sales, legal etc.) - contacting various news-sources to create more awareness of the site and concept Legal footnote: - RABAZZO IS ONLY SUPPLYING CONTACT INFORMATION AND IS NOT PART OF ANY SALES - ANY DISPUTE FROM SALES/PURCHASES ARE TO BE SETTLED BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER - RABAZZO CLAIMS NO RESPONSIBILITY FROM COPYRIGHT/DESIGN/INVENTION SALES/PURCHASES/WARRANTY OR ALIKE

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