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  1. engineeringdesign

    Stability In Furniture

    Furniture has become our basic need which supports our activities like seating, working, storing, sleeping and even a decorative art to the living room. Several standards are formatted and been followed across the globe for safety & performance of the product. Tipping is one of the mandatory tests to pass through to sell the product across the global. This test should be performed with extreme care as this will have a high impact on the consumer. The furniture failing on other performance tests will onlylead to warranty claims, but the failure in tipping test shall lead to series injuries including fatal deaths to the consumer. - Read full research paper at: http://www.pricoltech.com/stability-in-furniture
  2. engineeringdesign

    1St Portfolio Website

    Well go for CMS its easy and reduces the time
  3. engineeringdesign

    My Product Design Portfolio

    Good collection of designs
  4. engineeringdesign

    3D Renders And Sketches

    All are amazing rendering images so cool good work...
  5. engineeringdesign

    Some Of My Product Design Sketches

    Nice sketches...
  6. engineeringdesign

    Design Portfolio

  7. there many freelance website just try with them....
  8. engineeringdesign

    Looking For Prototype Company

    Try with Pricol Tectnologies you can contact them through website http://www.pricoltech.com
  9. engineeringdesign

    How Can Consumer Products Be So Inexpensive?

    As said the shipping cost plays main role that's why most of the local consumer products people prefer because its inexpansive while comparing to the others country make. Eventhough some people go for expensive because the cosumer product brand is rich....
  10. engineeringdesign

    First Portfolio And Website

    Good but more ways to go....
  11. engineeringdesign

    Bear + Vodka + Balalaika

    Wow cool design and color combo
  12. engineeringdesign

    Add Your Industrial Design Blog Here

    Pricol Technologies blog is a complete knowlegde base for Engineering design,mechanical design etc....

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