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  1. Skunnyss

    Finding Talented Product-Industrial Designers?

    Have you had any luck finding someone? Perhaps I could help...? Where are you located?
  2. Skunnyss

    First Portfolio And Website

    So, to be completely honest with you - it needs some work. First off, you have already accomplished one thing many designers have trouble with overcoming - building a website to showcase their work and putting it out there for the world to see and judge, so kudos to you on that!! Now, I hope you are capable of taking this as constructive criticism, it doesn't do you any good if I sugar coat it. For starters, you are on the right track...you just need to practice. Your sketches look quite rough and a bit scattered. Are you good with photoshop? Always scan and open in PS to clean up and do minor tweaks. For the drawings you have on your page for instance - try using the magic wand tool and select all the areas inside your drawings to remove all the discoloration so that it is all white. All your drawings should look uniform, and on a WHITE or GRAY backdrop - not like 10 different sketches from 10 different sheets of sketches. Also, you should really avoid using overshoot lines on your sketches...unless you learn to tighten up your drawings a bit. Your overshoot actually takes away from your drawings, overshoot is really meant to emphasize the "looseness" or "free" feeling in a designer's sketch. Your sketches are too rigid and to be brutally honest, fairly poor. But don't worry, you don't have to be great at drawing or sketching to be a successful designer, you just need to be able to communicate ideas effectively. My advice to you is to realize where your strengths lie (it seems to me they are in CAD and graphic design) and focus on those. Limit how much you show of your weaknesses. Remember, your viewers only know what you show them. If you show them what you're good at, they have no idea what you're bad at! Also, you should spend some time practice drawing in 2pt. and 3 pt. perspective (2 pt. mainly till you get better), and make sure you FOLLOW ALL THE RULES until you get it down. One of the best ways to get better, believe it or not - is to trace. Yes. Don't trace to pass it off as your own work, trace to learn. Remember, sketching is hand eye coordination and muscle memory. So repetition and lots of practice is the best way to get better. Your graphic design seems fairly good, especially your magazine design. I actually work for a magazine as the creative lead and I have to say, your magazine design is impressive. You could always add a little more flavor to it, mix things up a bit...experiment. Your designs, although good...appear very "safe". Step outside your comfort zone and test the boundaries of your skills. Last, as far as your portfolio website in general - its a bit choppy and doesn't really have too much excitement to it. It's a little bland...it should really engage a viewer and have a WOW factor. In fact, there wasn't really any work in there that had a wow factor. You have some good ideas, and good CAD renderings....but everything is too basic and dry. Each project should REALLY have more than just one page of description...you should expand and explain your projects. Don't forget the power of negative space...you seem to show it in everything BUT your design briefs. Spend some time on Coroflot.com, Behance.com, Core77.com and one great place for some practice drawing is sketch-a-day.com. Put in the time and it will all come together. Have faith! Good Luck!!

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