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  1. Alexey Avduevsky

    Bear + Vodka + Balalaika

    Thank you, Duncan!
  2. Alexey Avduevsky

    Bear + Vodka + Balalaika

    Thanks! And that's a new one.
  3. Alexey Avduevsky

    Dynamo Flashlight

    Project of Dynamo Light on Quirky! Please, vote!
  4. Alexey Avduevsky

    Dynamo Flashlight

    Just some sketches from random projects.
  5. Alexey Avduevsky

    Bear + Vodka + Balalaika

    Hi everyone! As you can guess, I'm from Moscow, Russia. No, there is no any bears on the streets, but, yes, there is a lot of vodka and poor education. In my country there is only one university, that trains "sort of" industrial designers. There is also bad situation in any production process, yeah, all thanks to vodka and laziness. But, by the way, we are optimistic people. So, hope you like my portfolio — here it is: www.avduevskiy.ru and, of course, behance page www.behance.net/avduevskiy Nice to meet you!
  6. Alexey Avduevsky

    Any Feedback For My Portfolio From Sydney, Aus?

    Hi! I think, this is a great start! And I'm sure, Australia is a great place for professional realisation. What's my idea about improve — maybe a little more sketches?
  7. Alexey Avduevsky

    Dynamo Flashlight

    Hi everyone! That's my first post here, so, nice to meet all of you. I'm sort of 3d-modeller-who-want-to-be-product-designer, so, now I'm studying at National Design Institute, Russia and hope you like my last concept .) Dynamo flashlight is all about durable and ecological technology — anodized aluminium, dynamo-machine and one led. The nice side of this concept is — it hasn't got any additional handle, all in one. So, this is it. Hope you like the idea .)

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