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  1. Hi, I came to Finland to study product design in a polytechnic, for hearing about those famous designers and their product design industry. Somehow, after two years already, I realized that it is not that promising to work as a designer here. In fact it is hopeless! I dont know if I get it right or not, but ALL employment ads are looking for engineering-based designer, who can design things related to mechanic or structural stuff ( clearly stated in the requirement that a person should hold degree in engineering) . While, at school we drawing and sketching (both by hand and CAD) stools, tables, kitchenware by pottery or plastic, some little souvenirs. After a year, half of the class quit. I am still passionate in design, making stuff by my hand, being creative, working with different materials like wood or metal. But This just racking my mind wondering if I made a wrong decision to study here , cuz this is totally not what the market looking for? ( i checked info from the biggest website for job in finland provided by Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy) Will I find a job cuz throughout my curriculum I can be sure that we will not learn anything about mechanic or engineering. We are something between craftman and a graphic designer but not either skillful enough. I wonder how come there is no job for us at all. Therefore, I made a lilttle research on my own, by contacting some famous design companies like Marrimekko https://www.marimekko.fi/‎ , or Iittala https://www.iittala.com/. They only produce famous design from already renowned designer like Alvar Alto or Kaj Franck.etc. And for new designers , " please leave yout portfolios and we contact when we have new projects". Infact, there is no new chance for new designers!. I again checking some design consultancies. There are a few companies from creative industry in this very small economy ( Finland has only aprox 5millions inhabitants). However, they are mainly running by 5 to 10 entrepreneurs who are also designers! They dont recruit! In general, I have a reason to worry about my future. Should I just get rid of this uncertain situation and try studying something more stable like nursing or healthcare? Just to make sure, you guys understand me, I'm very passionate for what I am studying. I just dont know will it lead to a stable jobs since that is what also extreme important to me now. Thank you for reading and sorry for my english cuz it is not my native language.

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