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  1. I manufacture medical upholstery. It' seems you IDers more so then anyone else could direct me to places were I can get small orders of textile products made. Any resources you might suggest, or ways to research would be very helpful.
  2. Jtamarin

    Best Software For Furniture Design?

    Solidworks has a partner company called Exactflat which patterns and nests textile. If you go the solidworks route look them up. It's a step below Lectra, but your on the same platform as the engineers.
  3. Jtamarin

    Medical Upholstery

    I fabricate and reupholster medical furniture. Dentist chairs, exam tables, chiropractic tables, etc. I'm itching to explore new possibilities with a designer. I've never done business with a designer and I'm looking to understand the needs and expectations of ID. Anybody out there working on anything close to my specialty?
  4. Could you send me some sketches and ruff dimensions. I know some talented people but who I would recommend consulting with largely depends on the product. Jtamarin@gmail.com Tamarin Healthcare Upholstery

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